Singer-Songwriter Jason Whitehorn Releases "Masterpiece" To Radio, Shares Message Behind The Song

Marcus Lundin Jun 12, 2018 04:58 PM EDT

Singer-songwriter Jason Whitehorn on Friday released his latest single "Masterpiece" to radio. The song is the third single from his 2017 solo debut album, As Long As I Have Breath, and is one of the oldest on the project, having gone through several meaningful changes along the way.

"I actually wrote 'Masterpiece' a little over ten years ago but it was much slower," Whitehorn explains. "When we were putting together songs for the album, my producer [Matt Osgood] suggested a more upbeat approach like Hillsong Young & Free or Planetshakers."

"I don't tend to write in that style," Whitehorn admits. "My wife knows that and pushed me lovingly to go for it and think out of the box. We did it, and it's opened doors, I think, for other generations."

In an article on We Lead Worship, titled "Worship Storyteller," Whitehorn talks more about the message behind "Masterpiece," saying the song was born of the spirit of "letting God's light shine in all that we do, even if it isn't 'Christian.'"

After having completed the song's second verse, he says he played the song to his wife asking for input, "We talked for a bit and then I told her, you know what I want from this song? I want just one person to hear it despite the number of times God may allow it to be heard and say, 'I want to give my life to the Creator!' I can't think of any greater joy than this!"

When he is not writing songs and performing, Whitehorn is a worship leader and pastor at Grace Church in Camby, Ind., just outside Indianapolis.

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Click below to listen to Jason Whitehorn's latest radio single "Masterpiece," or click here to listen on YouTube:

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