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Andrea Williams Feb 19, 2013 07:56 AM EST


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Longevity in the music business is hard to come by. Fans tastes change, radio music directors follow suit, and artists are left in the carnage.

Good thing the guys from CCM band Silverline don't know anything about that. With a brand new deal courtesy of Dream Records, the band is set to make a lot of noise with their third studio album, Lights Out, due in April. The project's first single - and title track - drops today.

Recently, we caught up with Silverline's lead singer Ryan Edberg to learn how the band has stayed together so long and why they're not in it for the money. 

Tell me about the new single "Lights Out." What's the concept behind it, and what can fans expect from it?

"Lights Out" is the title track on our new CD, and it is one of our favorite tracks. It's about not playing games and really being who God wants you to be.

What has the move to DREAM Records been like?

Dream has been great to work with! Their team is very hard working. It has been only a very short time together, but they have been pushing this CD through to every avenue.

You're preparing for the release of your third studio album. As industry "vets," how have your past experiences shaped the new project? What do you know now that you wish you had understood at the outset of your career?  

We have a strong team behind Silverline, and we are very excited about then new CD. It's not about anything different that we wish we would have done before, but just a lot of hard work. If we can always take a big step forward with each CD we are doing the right thing!

We've all heard horror stories about the internal conflicts of bands. How do you guys keep peace and maintain a healthy work dynamic? 

We have all been doing this for a long time. I would say a band is like marriage: there will be fights and disagreements, but if you keep God in the center you can work through anything.

As a Christian band, your goal is to share the Gospel and build the Kingdom. How important is commercial success? Is saving souls enough if you never make another dollar from your music?

We all work full time right now and have done this for 10 years. We do not make any money with Silverline as of now. We put everything back into the band, and we will do music until we feel God has closed the door. If you're in music for just money, you won't last.

Who are some of your musical influences?

We are very much youth group kids. We loved DC Talk, News Boys and Audio A when we were growing up.

Where did the band's name, Silverline, come from?

Silverline comes from the "silver lining," which means the last hope when all hope is gone.


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