Self-Titled Live Album By The Tommies Reunion Releasing On Oct. 26 On Tyscot Records

Marcus Lundin Jul 02, 2018 11:39 PM EDT
THE TOMMIES REUNION/TYSCOT RECORDSCover for The Tommies Reunion's self-titled 2018 debut album on Tyscot Records.

Veteran singer-songwriter Darius Brooks has inked a deal with Tyscot Records for the release of The Tommies Reunion's self-titled new live album releasing on Oct. 26. Brooks is the former music director of the late Rev. Milton Brunson's Grammy Award-winning choir, the Thompson Community Singers, also known as The Tommies.

"In the early years of my career I was a Tommies fan," says Tyscot CEO, Bryant Scott. "Our church choir literally sang a Tommies' song every Sunday. It is exciting that Tyscot has been able to sign one of the premier choirs from the 'choir era.' Tommies fans from back in the day, as well as new listeners, are sure to be delighted with the offering on The Tommies Reunion album."

Brooks echoes the excitement of Tyscot's head officer. "I love the label and its rich history," he says. "They understand the legacy of the Tommies because they have a similar one as a label and I know they will do great things with this project. I told Bryant Scott that I'm probably going to work harder than them because that's just how excited I am about everything that's happening."

FLTR: Deborah & Darius Brooks; Bryant Scott, CEO of Tyscot Records
FLTR: Deborah & Darius Brooks; Bryant Scott, CEO of Tyscot Records


The Tommies Reunion is a 14-track set of powerful original songs, reuniting the key personalities from The Tommies' most successful era between 1982-1997, during which time the choir reigned as the No. 1 choir in the world with massive radio and Sunday morning service hits such as, "Safe in His Arms," "There Is No Way," "I'm Available to You," "It's Gonna Rain," "For the Good of Them," and "If I Be Lifted," among many others.

Brooks says that in order to do something new, they knew they had to "bring the staples," as well as add several new singers. He says that since he was 21 when he joined the group, and most of the other members were young at the time, Brooks now wants to train the young people just like Rev. Brunson did for him and "help keep the Tommies legacy alive."

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