Sean Feucht Releases New Live Worship Album 'Wild'

Marcus Lundin Nov 06, 2018 11:07 AM EST
SEAN FEUCHT/BETHEL MUSIC Cover for Sean Feucht's 2018 live worship album Wild

Singer-songwriter Sean Feucht on Friday released his latest live worship album, Wild, on Bethel Music. Recorded live at Bethel Church, the new eleven-track project expands on Jesus as the "Wild One," where Feucht unpacks a life of "radical obedience and holy boldness."

The live recording format "allows rooms for songs to unwind into extended spontaneous worship," says CCM Magazine about the album." Today's Christian Entertainment adds that it also captures "the atmosphere of an audience fully involved in the act of worship with voices raised and hearts open to the presence of God. "

Igniting mission movements around the world, the songs found on Wild were forged through Feucht's personal experience, bringing the joy-filled gospel into uncharted regions of the world, from war-torn areas in Iraq to the underground church in China.

In an album review, Timothy Yap at Hallels writes that the lyrics of the songs show that worship is not just confined to air-conditioned churches with spotlights and comfortable chairs. But rather that, "even in the streets of war-turned countries and the stuffy corridors of underground churches, God is still breaking strongholds when his people raise their voices in worship."

Wild echoes this storyline in its diverse sonic landscape, ranging from joyful anthems to intimate prayers.

Accompanying the album release, Bethel Music will be unveiling a complementing documentary that chronicles Feucht's missional movements bringing the gospel to remote areas of the world and inspiring the songs found on Wild.

Aside from his music career, having produced, recorded and released 20 music albums, Feucht is also a missionary and author, and founder of the grassroots global worship prayer and missions organization Burn 24/7. He travels to 20-30 nations per year planting what he likes to call "furnaces" of worship and prayer, training, mobilizing, leading worship, and speaking.

Wild is available to stream or download now, including on iTunes and Spotify.

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