Should School Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Guns? Majority Says Yes!

Matt LloydApr 11, 2013 02:51 PM EDT


The guys over at Politix have posted some interesting stats on this question Here.  

It is a breakdown of the question "Should school teachers be allowed to carry guns?" and shows the different responses from Republicans, Democarts, Tea Party and Independents.

Almost 65% of Americans said they were in agreement with teachers having guns, while 26.5% disagreed and 8.6% say they have mixed feelings on the issue.  

People in agreement have the feeling that school's "gun free" zones are not doing enough to deter people away and are just making the schools more defenseless against intruders.  Some have commented that they are OK with more security guards carrying guns at schools but not the teachers themselves.  

In a surprise to some, the Independent voters were very high in agreement to this question.  Some think that independents lean towards the left, so they would think that they would think more like a Democrat, but at least in this instance, that was not the case.  

In the gender breakdown, Males agreed at a 67.9% rate and Women at a 48.3% rate.  

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