'Scandal' Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers, Rumors: Jake and Olivia Getting Closer?

Clare MorrisMar 08, 2014 01:34 PM EST

Last night's all new episode of hit ABC show "Scandal" proved interesting as many romantic relationships seem to be in flux. For spoilers on next week's episode from the actor who plays Jake, Scott Foley, read on.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Foley discussed how his character's involvement with Olivia will affect Fitz.

"His relationship with Fitz has really changed because it started that they were Navy buddies and Fitz was his superior, but they really had a connection there," the actor said.

"Fitz would turn to him when he was in military intelligence and B613 for help, but now that Jake is running Command, there are personal feelings there, but Jake's main focus is the Republic and making sure that he's doing his job as Command," the actor added.

"With regards to Fitz and Olivia, it's tough. Is it possible for Jake to keep a friendship with Fitz while they both go after the same girl? Is that possible?" he said.

Foley went on to discuss how his character feels about Olivia's ambivalence.

"He thought that the door was closing beforehand. All of a sudden, it's as if he's got his foot back in the door. It's a pretty position turn as far as Jake is concerned," the actor said.

Scott Foley also spoke to TV Guide about the possibility of Quinn interfering with Jake and Olivia's romance.

"It might hurt his chances. If he does hire Quinn, I don't know if that's forgivable on Olivia's behalf. We know that Jake was looking over Quinn and making sure that she was doing OK, but to hire her means that he's going to, at some point, put her in harm's way, and that's what Olivia requested him not do, so that would definitely hurt their relationship," the actor told TV Guide.

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