Satanist Arrested For Sacrificing and Eating Woman in Tennessee (VIDEO)

Jeannie LawJun 11, 2014 09:38 AM EDT

A Satanist in Tennessee gruesomely murdered a 36 year-old woman identified as Lisa Marie Hyder this week by quartering her body and eating her.

WZTV in Nashville reported that a man named Gregory Scott Hale, 37, is behind bars for the murder of Hyder. The mother of six reportedly met Hale at a liquor store, who offered to give her a ride home on the day she was murdered, but instead took her to his house.

Court records claim that Hale cut off her head, hands, and feet and then ate part of her body. The woman lived near Chattanooga, Tennessee, and her ex-husband Charles Hyder said he spoke with her shortly before she met Hale.

Gregory Scott Hale
(Photo : Facebook)
Gregory Scott Hale

Investigators told Charles that Hyder was dead on Monday, "When he told me what happened, oh my God, I collapsed. I just couldn't believe it," Charles told FOX 17.

Charles said that Hyder struggled with alcoholism and her drinking problem increased when she discovered she had ovarian cancer. The ex-husband said that one of their youngest children asked to call his mom Monday night, he told him she has gone to heaven.

Hale remains behind bars, authorities said Hale confessed to the murder on Friday. Friends told HD 5 that his Satanic practices may very well have played a role in the alleged murder. Reports state that Hale worked for a Coffee County meat processor at one time. An employee said he was a strange man who would take animal bones and eyeballs home with him.

"You know I knew he wasn't right, but I never thought he'd do something like that, and they got to talking about he was in to Satanism and stuff like that and he'd posted on Facebook," one of Hales neighbors told news reporters.

Gregory Scott Hale
(Photo : Facebook)
Gregory Scott Hale

"We're living in some bad times now," another neighbor told HD 5.

Hyder's family members told reporters they will push for the death penalty, and believe Hale should never be a free man again. "Anybody who would do something like that, and even try to eat the flesh of the person they've cut up, deserves to die," Hyder's grandmother Mildred Giesing stated.

Hale is in jail on a $1.5 million bond. He was arraigned on Monday and was appointed an attorney. | Nashville News, Weather

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