Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date Price & Specs: Next Flagship To Feature Snapdragon 835 With 6GB Of RAM

Joe BacaronNov 29, 2016 10:50 AM EST
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The latest news about the Samsung Galaxy S8 only heightened anticipation as it's rumored to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 6GB of RAM, which is 2GB more compared to the current S7.

The Snapdragon 835 will already feature the highly touted 10nm process, which obviously has smaller footprint than the current 14nm chip.

"Samsung's new 10nm FinFET process, for instance, allows up to a 30 percent increase in area efficiency with a 27 percent improvement in performance or up to 40 percent less power consumption compared to the previous version," Qualcomm said.

According to GSM Arena, apart from the 6GB of RAM in Samsung Galaxy S8, there's also the 256GB internal storage option for the smart phone.

If the rumors are true regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 specs, this would be good news indeed considering the fiasco that was the exploding battery of the Note 7. The South Korean company is eager to put that scandal behind them, and one of the ways is to come up with a very cool smart phone.

Plus, there's also the fact that iPhone is coming out with its anniversary smart phone next year featuring the revolutionary wireless charging.

The S8 is reportedly equipped with native 4K Super AMOLED display (for the high-end 5.5-inch model), as well as a Digital Assistant in the vein of Alexa or Siri. There are also rumors about a dual-camera setup for the new smart phone, which would be similar to iPhone 8.

For the price, it's speculated that it will range from $650 to as much as $800.

Watch out for more news on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which will be reported here when new details come along.

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