Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Baby Update: Couple Expecting a Baby Boy?

Shilpa ChakravortyJul 29, 2014 10:12 AM EDT

Admirers and fans of Ryan Gosling who may have been delighted upon hearing about his split from girl friend Eva Mendes have different reasons to feel happy now.

While Ryan is definitely back with Eva, much to the dismay of his female fans, he is also a man who is now ready to become a father. Both he and Eva are expecting the arrival of a baby boy sometime in October this year.

The two of them have been keeping the news a secret and are focusing only on each other and the baby.

It is reportedly said that Ryan and Eva have broken up and that it was the news of the baby that brought them back together. If reports are to be believed, the two are very much in love and are extremely excited to be parents together.

Eva Mendes is one of the most popular and talented actresses on American television and cinema, as is actor Ryan Gosling.

Both have managed to acquire a large fan following within a very short span of time, something that is only certain to increase in the days that go by.

Ryan and Eva are not likely to be shooting for any new film or television venture any time soon with their baby being expected as early as October.

They are going to concentrate their efforts solely on bringing a beautiful healthy baby boy into this world and all assignments that they may have signed up for, are now postponed.

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