Rock Band Spoken Debut Music Video for 'Falling Apart'; New Album 'Breathe Again' Available for Preorder [WATCH HERE]

Justin SarachikOct 14, 2015 10:56 AM EDT
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Christian rock band Spoken are gearing up to release their new album Breathe Again on December 11, and they just debuted a music video for the song "Falling Apart."

"Check out our latest music video 'Falling Apart'. 'Falling Apart' will be on our upcoming album Breathe Again available via Artery Recordings 12.11.15," the band wrote on their Facebook. "If you didn't have a chance to contribute to our Kickstarter campaign, Pre Orders have launched over on MerchNow at the following link: All Kickstarter contributors will receive their packages 12.4.15."

Watch it below:

The music is shot beautifully in an open field in black and white. There are fast cuts as the camera swirls around with a slight background story going on. The song makes for a perfect lead single off the record and is catchy and a little more on the melodic rather than heavy side for Spoken.


(Photo : Facebook: Spoken)

Spoken successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign by reaching $25,888 in funds of their intended $20,000. There was even a flex goal set up if the band raised $35,000.

"The Kickstarter has been fully funded at $25,888!!! Thank you so much for your love and support, we couldn't have done this without you!" the band wrote on Facebook. "Disclaimer: Kickstarter will now start charging your cards for your selected bundle, so make sure you've budgeted appropriately so you can receive your perk! If your card does not clear, you do not receive your package. We love you guys!"

The band sought out to raise money to record their new album and will be begin the work on the unnamed album on April 5.

"2015 is a new year full of new life for Spoken, starting the new year with a clean slate, free from our management, booking and label relationships that did a great job helping us get this far," they wrote on Kickstarter. We are now 100% independent and couldn't be happier with where we are at. God willing, this puts us fully in the drivers seat to write the music we want to write, be the band we want to be and do the things we want to do."

BREATHEcast interviewed lead singer Matt Baird about the new upcoming record back in December. At that point it was just taking shape with a couple of ideas. Read the full interview here.

Watch the music video for “Breathe Again” featuring Matty Mullins:

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