Rock Band Justifide Reunites for 'The Vault Sessions'; Group Launches PLEDGE Music Campaign to Release Unheard Tracks

Justin SarachikMar 06, 2015 12:32 PM EST
Facebook: Justifide


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Former Christian hard rock band Justifide disbanded in 2003, but are now back with a PledgeMusic campaign to release The Vault Sessions. The collection is a bunch of unreleased demo songs that they were working on before they broke up.


"Today is the day!!! Pre-order the new JUSTIFIDE album 'The Vault Sessions' and the new Reform the Resistance album 'DOS!'" wrote the band on the Facebook page yesterday. "Make a pledge and you'll instantly get the new JUSTIFIDE single, 'THE END' and RTR's single, 'INSIDE A STORM STARTS TO RISE'. Here's a preview of the new music for both bands!"

To PLEDGE and watch the accompanying video by the guys, click here.

The plan of attack for the PledgeMusic campaign is as follows: if they reach 100% of the goal, the fans will get the four unreleased songs that have already been recorded. At 150%, one more song will be released, 200% will yield another song as well as 250% and 300%. In total that would give Justifide fans eight never before heard tracks from the band. The band also said, if the goals for the extra songs are not reached, "they will go back to the vault," never to be heard again.

"If you want to hear the last four unreleased JUSTIFIDE songs, it will be up to YOU to make it happen! If not, the remaining unreleased JUSTIFIDE songs will go back into the vault forever!" they wrote.


(Photo : Facebook: Justifide)

Additionally, anyone who Pledges toward Justifide, will also receive Reform the Resistance's new album DOS. RTF is band members Sambo and Jason's band after the break up of Justifide. "So, not only will you get unreleased JUSTIFIDE songs, you will also get the new Reform The Resistance album and other exclusive JUSTIFIDE & RTR incentives in every package!"

Some of the incentives include old t-shirts and posters in limited quantities, downloads, a set of homemade dolls in the band's likeness, and even the possibility of them doing a concert ($5,000).

 The PLEDGE goal is unlisted but right now it sits around 13% with 60 days to go.

"We are blown away with all the support! Our Pledge Music Campaign is already at 12% and it's only the first day! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! If you want some of the old school merch you better act fast! A lot of them sold today and there's only a few items left," they wrote. "So... what do you all think of our new single, "THE END"? Does it take you back in time to the year 2003? Let us know in the comment section down below!"

Click here to read our interview with Justifide guitarist Joey Avalos, where he speaks about how The Vault Sessions came about, and what they have all been doing since then.

To keep up with the latest on Justifide, check back in on their website and social media accounts which can be found here.

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