"Ring the Bell" Inspirational Movie with Guest Appearances by Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman & Matthew West

Brianna BromleyMay 04, 2013 03:29 PM EDT

      Provident Films has just released a new Christian DVD about a young sports recruiter that believes he has what it takes to get the small town baseball star.

"Ring The Bell" is a story about a mans journey to finding something he believes he wants, but finds something completely different and surprising.

Ryan Scharoun, the sports recruiter, leaves the big city with a head full of arrogance on his journey to a town that is full of Gods presence. Without knowing anything about the town, he arrives in the area believing it will be a in and out experience. Yet, when he goes to actually talk to the baseball star to recruit him, his world is changed.

The baseball player, Casey Bond, begins to tell him of how he lives his life running a boys orphanage and that it is truly his 'Yankee Stadium', not moving to the 'Big City' and becoming famous. Casey continues to tell Scharoun about how God is working throughout the town and he would not want to leave for anything. 

   "Ring The Bell" is featuring key Christian artist throughout the movie including Casting Crowns, which actually performs a mock concert during the movie.

Steven Curtis Chapman, whom is the pastor during the movie and coincidently wrote his own dialogue for the film. Chapman has a very vital role in the film because he is the first person to put the seed of Christ in the recruiters heart.

Another special guest, Matthew West, is also being featured during the film as the owner of a major league baseball team that the recruiter is trying to discuss the probability of having the 'star' work for. 

During this inspirational film, at every scene God is beginning to shape and change the man the recruiter came to town as. With the concert by Casting Crowns and the motivational talks with Chapman, the recruiter begins to find his way to accepting God into his heart.

"Ring The Bell" officially came out on video April 9 and was directed by Tom Weber and produced by Mark Miller .

The Dove Foundation has proudly given the movie, the Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages. For more information on the film visit HERE.



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