'Resident Evil 7' News: VR Camerawork Overhauled In Latest Gameplay Trailer

Jon MendozaSep 22, 2016 10:35 AM EDT
Capcom/Resident Evil 7

The camerawork in Capcom's "Resident Evil 7" VR has been overhauled, as can be seen in the latest gameplay trailer.

The gameplay video footage, which is entitled "The Lantern," opens with the scenes previously teased by Capcom. It features the girl who is in hiding from the lady with the lantern.

According to The Verge, reports from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 revealed that the game had been making some players nauseated, a reason behind most VR developers departing from the conventional first-person movement.

As per the publication, Capcom has learned from the issue and the studio has made some changes to the controls. A case in point is that the right stick makes the user turn in 30-degree jumps instead of providing a complete analog movement. It is added that while a pinch of discomfort is still present, players can now adjust with the game's slow pace and control tweaks.

Another change in the visuals is the use of head movement to look around, according to Polygon. Instead of the right analog stick for free camera movement, the right analog stick rotates the camera either left or right with increments, which are hard snaps to the left or right.

Meanwhile, Capcom also announced a new "Resident Evil 7" demo with a scary trailer. Entitled "The Bakers," the trailer opens with an eerie sound and a car running on the road, along with a view of the horizon. The next sequence shows the woods and hears a woman talking.

Subsequent sequences see the in-game haunted house and, in the dark, players will be shocked by a person holding an axe. Another scene involves a burning car, with a burning man approaching the player's character.

This is followed by the Baker family, whose members are having dinner. They are eating human organs, presumably, with one member throwing them to the character and the head of the family threatening the character to eat.

"Resident Evil 7" is set to be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows on Jan. 24, 2017.

Watch new gameplay trailer titled "The Bakers" here.

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