Rapper DMX Faces yet Another Arrest. When Will it end?

KeAndrea S GloverAug 22, 2013 02:19 PM EDT


We all have had or run-ins with the law, but rapper DMX takes the cake. Rapper DMX, Earl Simmons was arrested Tuesday night in Greer, South Carolina. Cops pulled the Ford F-350 truck that he was a passenger in over and found packaged bags of marijuana. DMX claimed to have never known anything about the drugs or that they were even in the vehicle. Other passengers in the vehicle included his two assistants Shan Durham and Shawn Rhodes.

The car was initially stopped for a minor traffic violation after making an improper lane change, but police seen marijuana in the floorboard of the car and quickly handcuffed DMX without showing the weed he says. DMX's rep released the following statement:

"DMX was driving in the passenger seat when the vehicle he was in was pulled over last night. Although officers pulled them over for a minor traffic violation, DMX was asked to step outside so they can search the vehicle, officers then claimed that they found bags of marijuana in the floorboard and arrested X. No drugs were found on DMX or the other passengers and the alleged bags of marijuana were never shown to DMX or the other passengers."

Police officers noticed DMX had a warrant out for his arrest from a previous arrest in July for DUI and driving without a license that he failed to appear in court for. The rapper was released the following morning, August 21, 2013 around 11 am.


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