Radio Host And Author Delilah Is Releasing Her New Book 'One Heart At A Time' On Oct. 16

Marcus Lundin Sep 20, 2018 01:26 PM EDT
DELILAH/ROSETTABOOKS Cover for Delilah's 2018 book One Heart At A Time

American radio host and author Delilah Rene, known by most simply as Delilah, has announced the new book "One Heart At A Time," which will release on Oct. 16 via RosettaBooks. On air for 25 years, Delilah's shows are heartfelt, often hilarious, and warm, and her new book promises an inspiring, uplifting, and motivating look at life, love, and faith.

"In her easygoing style and characteristic, beloved voice, Delilah shares the real woman behind the microphone," says RosettaBooks CEO Arthur Klebanoff. "She tells her deeply moving story as the series of miracles and prayers it is."

In a world that is often turbulent and uneasy, and where there is more divisiveness, pain, and loneliness than perhaps ever before, Delilah wishes to speak to everyone. Using stories from her extraordinary life outside of radio, full of trials, forgiveness, faith, adventure--along with select well-executed pranks--she encourages readers to change this spiral by taking one person at a time into our understanding. She calls people to connect, one heart at a time, to lift others, and in the process, our communities and ourselves.

Dubbed one of the "Most Influential Women in Radio" by Radio Ink, Delilah boldly and lovingly walks the talk, having opened her hear to the nation and her home to ten adopted children, making her a mom to 13 children, with an effort currently underway to adopt a two-year-old baby boy to join the family.

She is a syndicated radio host and the founder of Point Hope a non-profit created in 2004 to be a voice for forgotten children and their families, helping them in the U.S., West Africa, and elsewhere.

Inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame, Delilah is the author of three previous books, "Love Someone Today," "Love Matters," and "Arms Full of Love." "One Heart At A Time" will be released simultaneously in hardcover, e-book, and a Brilliance audiobook version read by Delilah.

For more information, and to pre-order "One Heart At A Time," please visit the official book website. You can also find out more about Delilah at her official websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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