Lil' Wayne "Dedication 5" [FREE DOWNLOAD] [LISTEN NOW] / Pusha T Says "Dedication 5" is "Trash" [LISTEN NOW]

KeAndrea S GloverSep 15, 2013 11:53 AM EDT


Pusha T Calls Lil Wayne's "Dedication 5" Mixtape Trash [LISTEN NOW]  / Lil'Wayne "Dedication 5" Mixtape [FREE DOWNLOAD] [LISTEN NOW]



Fans of Lil'Wayne were antsy as they attempted to patiently wait for his Dedication 5 mixtape to drop, which was finally released in the beginning of September. One of his fans however, wasn't so impressed.

GOOD Music's Pusha-T hopped on twitter to let Wayne know exactly how he felt. "I think it's safe to say, you really lost it" he said. During an interview with DJ Envy, Pusha put some clarity into what the tweet really meant, a possible new Clipse album, and his work with Yeezus "Kanye West".

In response to the Weezy diss he said,

"I'm really just having fun with it. He's sorta rapping bad, so that doesn't help." Pusha admitted that tweet was in fact a shot at Weezy! "It was Trash," he said of Dedication 5, but he did admit that Weezy was once hungry. "Carter 2 mean," he said, but argues how Wayne has now lost it. "To be fair I would wanna blame it on drugs or lack thereof. I don't want to feel like people just fall from grace like that, but trash," he said.

While working with Kanye on his upcoming album, My Name is My Name Pusha spoke of the anti-mainstream philosophy present in the studio sessions.

 "You couldn't say the word single, or radio, or radio record within the studio during this time." he revealed. "[Kanye] loves Hell Hath No Fury Pusha, he don't want me to conform to anything at all... as far as the music, it's only street music from me and him."

Can fans look forward to a Clipse reunion?  Pusha is still confident that it will happen. "We talk about it all the time," he said, arguing that No Malice's new religous approach won't hurt the dynamic. [You Have] polar opposites, Dre and Big Boi, put together classic material. I know I could put together classic material with my brother."

As far as Wayne goes, I believe Pusha is thinking logically and is saying what a lot of "industry" folks won't tell Wayne. If you grew up during the "original" Cash Money era with "The Hot Boys" then you completely understand where Pusha is coming from. When Wayne was dropping albums like, "Tha Block is Hot", "Lights Out", "500 Degreez", "Tha Carter", "Tha Carter II", "Dedication 1-2",and "Da Drought 1-3", then you definitely feel where Pusha is coming from. Wayne will never be as hot as he was during the late 90s and early 2000's.

Of course I have the audio of Pusha's interview with DJ Envy down below and I also have Lil Wayne's Dedication 5 mixtape for you guys to check out. Is it really trash? Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think.


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