Promising Young Singer-Songwriter Tori Harper To Release Debut EP 'Seasons' This Friday

Marcus Lundin May 15, 2018 12:13 PM EDT
TORI HARPERCover for Tori Harper's 2018 debut EP Seasons.

Promising young singer-songwriter Tori Harper is releasing her debut EP, Seasons, on May 18. The 19-year old Tori's original songs are meant to speak truth over people as she vulnerably shares her experiences and the ways in which she has seen God work in her own life.

Having struggled with depression, Harper was once reminded that, as she says, "God sees her." This became a turning point in her journey that sparked a renewed commitment to Christ.

As God began to reveal more of himself to her, and as her own identity started to become firmly rooted in Christ, Harper became acutely aware of other people's heartaches. Her songs are an effort to respond to people's hurt from a place of deep authenticity and relatability.

"Through the good and through the bad, he's with us," encourages Tori, who is based in Franklin, Tenn., just outside Nashville. "He's not promising that we're not going to have trials or we're not going to have issues, but he does promise that he's going to be with us right through those things; and in the end, he's going to use that somehow for good and for his glory."

Drawing inspiration from Psalm 16:11, her current single "Joy" is produced by Colby Wedgeworth and is reaching millions each week through radio airplay in places like Houston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Dallas, Tampa, Minneapolis and more. The song has also hit the Top 20 on Billboard's Christian Airplay chart.

"It says in the Bible that in his presence there is fullness of joy. God was really teaching me about the differences between happiness and joy, and I've been learning that joy is more permanent," says Tori. "My hope is that as you listen to this song it reminds you that God's joy is always accessible to you no matter where you are, and that as you seek God you will find fullness of joy in his presence."

Track listing for Tori Harper's 2018 debut EP Seasons.
Track listing for Tori Harper's 2018 debut EP Seasons.

Harper's debut radio single, "After Dark," produced by Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning producer Jason Ingram and Paul Mabry, was the result of her originally writing songs as a way to "see in the dark" and help her friends to the same. The song was penned for the artist's friend who was battling bulimia and the lyrics came out as she struggled to find the right words of hope-filled empathy to extend to the girl, whom Harper says she had long admired.

In addition to "Joy" and "After Dark," Seasons also features the title track and "My Father, My Shephard," both produced by Grammy-winning Seth Mosley and Mike "X." O'Connor, and lastly "Stand Firm," produced by Micah Kuiper.

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