Prince Covers Worship Singer's Song ‘What If’ After Listening to Christian Radio [VIDEO]

Jeannie LawMar 13, 2015 04:14 PM EDT

Legendary musician Prince released his new single, 'What If' written by popular worshipper Nichole Nordeman and the singer says the icon was compelled to cover the song after listening to Christian radio.

Prince and his 3rdEyeGirl band released an electric guitar-heavy cover of Nordeman's "What If." Nordeman took to Facebook with her reaction and explanation of how she heard it all came about.

Read Nordeman's full statement below:


 Yesterday at 5:00pm I held a phone that was live streaming WFPK in Louisville, a station that had been selected to play the world debut of Prince's new single. A song called What If. A song that I wrote and recorded about 5 years ago on my album Brave.

I don't really have the appropriate words for what an honor this is. If you are a musician on any level, you will immediately absorb the weight of it. This man's talent is otherworldly. What's the non-musical equivalent? Tiger Woods asking to borrow your clubs? Neil Armstrong calling and asking if you'd like to take a walk?

But here's what impacted me the most yesterday.

Before they played the song, they interviewed Hannah Welton, the drummer for his all female band, 3rdEyeGirl. Hannah lends some killer vocals to the track and was asked to explain how they came to record it.

Essentially she said, that Prince was driving and heard it on the radio, introduced it to the band, and now they've recorded it.

He heard it on the radio. Christian radio.

To my friends in Christian radio, let me take this opportunity to remind you that what you do matters.
Your morning shows matter. Your afternoon drives matter. Your listener appreciation pledge drives matter.

You wake up and go to work everyday because you care about a world that needs to hear about Jesus. Far too often Christian radio is accused of existing solely to preach to the choir. Solely for the minivan driving mother of three who wants a safe listening choice for her family.

But Prince heard a song about the transforming love of Jesus on Christian radio and now has given it a much wider audience than I ever did or could.

I thought about that all day yesterday.

Thank you, radio friends, for what you do.
The world is listening."

Nordeman although extremely flattered took the time to encourage her friends at Christian radio. Prince released the song to radio while he kicked off the U.S. portion of his Hit & Run Tour. Listen to the Prince song HERE or compare it to Nordeman's version below.

Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL - "What If":

Nichole Nordeman - "What If":

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