Pope Francis, False Prophet Mentioned in Revelation? Division within the Catholic Church May Ensue Says Catholic Theologian Dr. Kelly Bowring; Pontiff is Fulfilling Bible Prophesy

Jeannie LawMar 13, 2014 04:27 PM EDT

Catholic theologian, Dr. Kelly Bowring, does an in-depth assertion on how Pope Francis is fulfilling a prophecy that a famous saint named Malachy made of the final Pope of the Catholic Church and describes how certain prophecy reveals that he may be the False Prophet.

The controversial Pontiff celebrates the one-year anniversary since being elected Pope on March 13. Since taking office as leader of over the 1.2 Billion Catholics, some of Pope Francis' actions and statements have been heavily criticized and has raised serious concerns in the hearts of many loyal Catholics.

Dr. Bowring, recently penned a blog asking his readers to look at the alarming actions and statements of Pope Francis and the "Francis effect" in the comparison to the twelve Catholic prophecies about the false prophet. Bowring states that the Catechism (CCC 675) confirms the false prophet who is mentioned in the Book of Revelation 13:12.

In his blog article, Bowring also describes what to expect from the False Prophet according to the foresights. He then provides several suggestions on how Catholics should respond to the possibility that Pope Francis might be the so called "False Prophet."

Bowring ends the blog with the statement that the Catholic Church may be on the verge of a split caused by apostasy led by their leader. In which there will be two groups, possibly divided into Francis Catholics and Pope Benedict Catholics who led before Francis.

Many concerns and controversies have surrounded Pope Francis' in his first year as Pope, numerous possible changes to doctrine have been discussed around the Vatican because of some of his statements.

Such as:

  • change to grant Communion to Catholic couples who are divorced and civilly remarried
  • change to grant Communion to non-Catholics
  • change to grant Church blessings to gay unions

 Bowring make it clear that if in fact the current Pope were to support changing any Church doctrine at all, that would be a clear "sign" he is the False Prophet.

Dr. Bowring goes on to recommend that Catholics still remain obedient to Pope Francis, but he advises them to be more vigilant to new issues that may arise from his actions and statements. He also encouraged people to Remain United in the truth of Christ regardless of the outcome.

He leaves everyone with the chilling declaration that if Pope Francis is the False Prophet only time will tell.

Dr. Bowring has spent years studying the end times and is the author of several books on biblical and Catholic prophecy, including his bestseller, "The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph," and his newly released, "The Signs of the Times."

See Bowring's full article at www.TwoHeartsPress.com.



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