Pop Duo About The Author Releases New Single, Lyric Video "Pray More Worry Less"

Marcus Lundin Jun 22, 2018 03:05 AM EDT
ABOUT THE AUTHORCover for About The Author's 2018 single "Pray More Worry Less."

Up-and-coming pop duo About The Author has released their latest single and music lyric video, "Pray More Worry Less." The new song gives a small taste of the professionalism, passion, hope, and faith bound up in the group, consisting of long-time friends Mark Shiner and Derek Overton.

"Pray More Worry Less" is a song about overcoming fear and anxiety and celebrating the freedom that comes through a new life in Christ. With the songwriters coming from different musical backgrounds, as well as very different upbringings, the single is full of many different blends of styles and flavors.

"This song comes from a very personal place for both of us," About The Author explains. "Living in anxiety and fear is one of the biggest ways we allow Satan to defeat us and keep our eyes off Christ. The command we hear most in scripture, by a long shot, is 'Do Not Fear.' When we spend all our time worrying about the future and about things out of our control, it keeps us from enjoying the life God has right before us, and more importantly, keeps us from Him."

"We wrote this song with Chris Cron, an amazing songwriter and artist based out of Nashville, Tenn., and the former lead singer of the band Mêlée," the duo says. "We recorded this song with the talented Micah Kuiper, a songwriter and producer in Nashville, and also a band member of the group Hawk Nelson."

"We hope this song reaches you with encouragement and gets you dancing," they add. "More to follow!"

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Click below to watch the official lyric video for About The Author's latest single, "Pray More Worry Less," or click here to watch on YouTube:

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