Pokemon X and Y News: X Version More Popular, Could Mega Evolutions be the Difference?

Justin SarachikJan 19, 2014 06:44 PM EST

Pokemon X and Y is one of the best selling games in the last year, and of both the games, one has edged out the other in popularity.

While Nintendo had not officially announced which version of the game had sold more, Kotaku looked into the UK sales charts and found that X was at the number 27 spot, and Y was in the 29 spot. In the Nintendo eShop X was downloaded around 24,116 times compared to Y's 23,549 times.

Upon seeing the report Nintendo decided to reveal the numbers for the U.S. sales, which was X – 1.63 million and Y – at 1.54 million for one month.

Perhaps the reason for X selling more than Y is the Mega Evolution differences.Some Pokemon have different evolutions depending on whether the player has X or Y. A full list of the differences can be seen here.

Pokemon X and Y Legendary Jigarude or Zygarde (English) Pokemon has been confirmed for the new games according to a Japanese screen shot.

Rumors for this Pokemon have been swirling since August of 2013 as new images have turned up on the Internet at 4gamer.net. The info is in Japanese, but the original report with pictures can be seen here.

The character Jigarude is a ground/dragon Pokemon who is quite larger than most other types. According to SegmentNext.com, the monsters comes with the ability Dark Aura, which is a move that can affect a large number of Pokemon at once.

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