Pokemon X and Y Game News Update: Mystical Pokemon Diancie Officially Revealed by Nintendo (VIDEO)

William RameauFeb 18, 2014 03:43 PM EST

Diancie is one of the three leaked Pokemon that hackers unlocked with X and Y, and now one has been officially announced as a mythical Pokemon by Nintendo. At the official "Pokemon X and Y" Web site, a picture of Diancie, similar to what was formerly hacked online, was announced along with brand new information.

According to Nintendo, Diancie can produce diamonds magically out of thin air. These diamonds will then be used in battle to strike Diancie's opponents and to guard itself from their assaults.

It has also been announced that Diancie is a Rock/Fairy type, with a Clear Body ability, height of 2'04" and weight of 19.4 pounds. In addition, it is a Jewel Pokemon. Nintendo seems to be preparing more information regarding Diancie, particularly on how gamers can get it for the "Pokemon X and Y" game.

It was formerly reported that Diancie may just have a huge role in the future "Pokemon X and Y" movie titled "The Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie," considering that the film's title has Diancie in it.

Serebii has gathered some additional information about the plot of the film due in theaters in Japan July 19. It appears that the setting of the story is Diamond Ore Country, and Diancie is the princess of the land. This realm is deep underground, and the Carbink live there in peace.

The Sacred Diamond is the major energy source of Diamond Ore Country. The Sacred Diamond is connected to Diancie's power to make diamonds with its hands, as Princess Diancie is the lone creature that can produce the Sacred Diamond.

However, the shocking part of the forthcoming "Pokemon X and Y" film is that there is not only one Diancie, but many generations of them, and the modern ruling princess Diancie is not yet able to create the Sacred Diamond. Danger begins when the Sacred Diamond's energy is about to run out, finishing the kingdom in the process.

Hero Ash Ketchum and his faithful companion, Pikachu, attempt to seek out the legendary Pokemon Xerneas to acquire the sacred power to aid princess Diancie. The additional legendary Pokemon Yveltal will also be making a cameo as the Destruction Pokemon, as the protagonists from the animated Pokemon series will discover the cocoon where it lies in wait.

Nintendo is expected to unveil additional information about the "The Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie" film once it reveals the details to acquiring the newest addition to the Pokemon X and Y roster.

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