'Pokémon Go’ Latest News & Update: The Blob Ditto Is Live!

Joe BacaronDec 01, 2016 11:14 AM EST
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The shapeshifter Ditto can now be caught in "Pokémon Go," according to the latest news, which is seen to inject excitement into the game.

Fans would be familiar with Ditto because of its very powerful ability to copy the other creatures. But it won't be easy to capture this monster, said The Verge. You will have to save up on other monsters like the Rattatas and Pidgeys before you get the ultimate prize.

This is another strategy of Niantic to get people interested in "Pokémon Go" again, said the news article. If the studio makes it easy to capture Ditto, it defeats the purpose of getting players to play the game again.

In August this year, the number of "Pokémon Go" plummeted by 15 million from a peak of 45 million in July. But this was not a surprise considering that its base is not that much to begin with. A significant chunk of those figures can be attributed to people who got caught with the fad and are not fans to begin with.

If you get Ditto, you can take it to a gym and the creature will immediately mimic the moves of the opponent. When it encounters another Ditto, you need to be fast with your fingers and hopefully, your opponent will be slower.

Meanwhile, Forbes said the news about Ditto being available for "Pokémon Go" should be taken as a "big deal" by players. For one, this is the first creature that was added to the game since its launch. It also thinks that this won't be the last. Ultimately, however, Niantic has to introduce more than cosmetic changes to get people back into the game.

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