Phil Wickham Unveils New 'Your Love Awakens Me' Music Video; Latest Album 'Children Of God' Out April 22

Jon MendozaApr 20, 2016 03:26 PM EDT

Phil Wickham

(Photo : Phil Wickham)

Contemporary Christian vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist Phil Wickham has released a music video for his newest single "Your Love Awakens Me."

According to a press release, his "Your Love Awakens Me" video represents a moving story about his newest album "Children of God." In an interview with CCM Magazine, Wickham revealed the inspiration behind the record.

In the interview, Wickham said he had been diagnosed with a polyp on his vocal cord about two weeks after his hit single "This Is Amazing Grace" had gone No. 1, so it was before he began recording on his latest record.

According to Wickham, it occured right at the height of God seemingly doing some really special stuff, which had made the whole situation an even heavier thing for him. For him, he had been experiencing joy and excitement, watching what God was doing with the songs from his previous record.

In an interview with Relevant Magazine, Wickham talked about the trials he had faced after losing his voice. He said that a year and a half ago, he had lost his voice and had been forced to have surgery on his vocal chords with the risk of not being able to sing professionally again.

Wickham says that God spoke the simple yet massive truth into his heart that He loved him and His people, adding that God's people are also His children. The singer explains that God loves His people whatever they might be faced with and many of the new songs had been written out of a newfound sense of identity that we are God's children.

Aside from "Your Love Awakens Me," other songs by Wickham include the aforementioned "This Is Amazing Grace," "Heaven Song," "At Your Name," "Cannons," "Divine Romance," "All I Am," "Heaven Fall Down," and "Glory," among others.

Wickham's much awaited album "Children of God" is set to be released everywhere on April 22. Watch his new "Your Love Awakens Me" music video here.

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