Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida Divorce? RHOA's Apollo Vents on Atlanta Radio Show

Virnelli MercaderJul 22, 2014 04:49 PM EDT

Apollo Nida, husband of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reality star Phaedra Parks, recently sat down for his first interview since being sentenced to eight years in jail for fraud and being ordered to pay $1.9 million in restitution.

The interview was conducted by Atlanta radio host Rodney Perry, and listeners were able to gain a lot of insight into what is really going on with Nida and his marriage to Parks.

The biggest revelation that was made during the interview was the assertion that Nida and Parks were indeed headed for divorce. Perry asked Nida, “is your relationship going to be able to make it through this, man?” Nida answered, “I doubt it. I mean my wife didn’t even show up for my sentencing. So you know what I mean, I’m still salty about that.”

Nida was referring to Parks’ being a no-show in court when he was sentenced, though reports are claiming that the reality star was either looking after her young sons or “trying to distance herself from her husband’s criminal activities.”

Though Parks’ lawyer made it clear that the RHOA star was not involved in any of her husband’s illegal activities, there have been suggestions that Parks knew exactly what was going on, or at least had an idea of Nida’s activities.

Perry told Nida, “the word is that you are really protecting your family,” which implied that Nida was protecting Parks and their two sons.

Nida stated, “It’s all on me. A lot of folks could be held accountable. I’ve been protecting my family. It’s all on me.”

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