'Persona 5' Release Date News: Atlus to Unveil Gameplay Trailer on Feb 3 via Live Stream

Shilpa ChakravortyFeb 03, 2015 04:39 PM EST

Finally, the wait is over! For all the gamers out there, we bring you great news! Yes, Atlus has announced that a 30-hour 'Persona' live stream news session is set to happen on February 3 at 11 pm EST.

The Persona Super Live 2015 will take place at the popular Japanese Internet streaming service on NicoNico, according to Game Revolution and the developer's website.

The schedule posted on the official developer website in terms of Japan Standard Time, so the start time rolls over into the fourth.

February 4, 2015

13:00 - Intro
14:00 - Persona Q character exhibition
15:00 - Persona 4 Ultimax character exhibition
18:00 - Persona 4 Golden Vita special
19:30 - Persona Sound 25 soundtrack special
21:30 - Persona 3 The Movie #1 and #2
23:40 - Mystery

February 5, 2015

12:30 - Mystery
13:00 - Persona Sound 25 rebroadcast
15:00 - Persona 4 Golden Vita special rebroadcast
17:00 - Mystery rebroadcast
18:00 - Final Countdown
18:30 - Persona Stalker Club extra
21:00 - Mystery

Notably, surprise forms the key element of 'Persona', as the developers have not revealed any clues pertaining to the much - awaited award winning game. Thus, fans of 'Persona 5' have all but guessed about the game and its features and it is expected that during the live streaming, adequate revelations will be done about the new game.

Rumors from Crossmap suggest that the NicoNico live stream will have time - shifting disabled, which means the late viewers will be unable to catch up with the happenings.

The game is scheduled to be available in late spring this year for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and will be released in Japan and North America. On that note, the exact link to view the live streaming has yet to be provided.

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