'Persona 5' News: Familiar Singer-Character Gets Poster Cameo; Game Leaks Character Themes, Avatars

Jon MendozaSep 22, 2016 10:06 AM EDT
Altus/Persona 5

Along with talks on themes and avatars of available characters in Altus' new title "Persona 5," the game has been confirmed to feature a familiar character.

According to iDigital Times, one of the "Persona 5" photos features an amateur exotic dancer, Inaba's pop idol, and tofu shop employee, Rise Kujikawa from "Persona 4." As per the publication, this took place when the protagonist was walking around an indoor shopping center and stopped in front of a big poster, which sees a brown-haired singer in a blue dress, along with the album title "Sapphire."

In line with Kujikawa's appearance in the game, it is believed that the character's look in "Persona 5" is set to be on par with her look in the "Persona 4" spin-off, "Dancing All Night." The singer wore longer hair in the latter game.

At this point, Kujikawa's role in "Persona 5" is still vague; however, it is possible players will see more of the character in the game. The singer may have a performance in the game in two reasons. First, the game is set in Tokyo and, second, she has performed since "Persona 3" and "Persona 4."

Meanwhile, "Persona 5's" protagonist, along with Ryuji Sakamoto, Morgana, and Anne Takamaki, get some themes and avatars for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. According to Siliconera, these come with the game's Patch 1.01 for the DLC support and bug fixes. In addition, players can also get a free DLC, in the form of "Persona 5" Recovery Item Set.

"Persona 5" is set to be released on Feb. 14 in Europe and the United States.

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