The Perrys Tracy Stuffle Medical Update: Condition is Slowly Improving, He has even 'Started to Sing', Read Details Here

Matt LloydSep 03, 2013 08:29 AM EDT



The Perrys Tracy Stuffle Medical Update: Condition is Slowly Improving, He has even 'Started to Sing', Read Details Here


Tracy has been fighting for his life over the last several months now. He and has been becoming more mobile recently, able to feed himself and stand up a with help, he has even started to sing (read Libbi's note below). His condition can better and worse depending on the day so prayers are always appreciated for the Stuffle family. 

There will also be a new Cd coming out at NQC 2013 in Louisville, KY honoring Tracy. Tracy himself picked out 12 previously recorded songs while in rehab this week to be on the Cd. It will be available starting at NQC 2013 along with The Perry's other new cd, The Best of The Perrys. Both releasing on Daywind Records. 

As always his wife Libbi is there to give us the latest details. She has been to faithful daily by Tracy's side and always giving updates to her friends, family and fans. Here is her most recent Facebook post on Tracy:

Tracy Stuffle Update 9/2/13:

"Seriously is it September already?? I told Tracy this morning when I was shaving him the day and month and I told him he had hibernated through the whole year almost! He just grinned!

I am so proud of him today, he went through his therapy today incredible!!! The speech therapist is fired up about him. She even gave him homework that we will work on this evening! My brother in law Christopher Reed gave him a microphone last night. He's been using it all day singing into it! I really think it's kicked in on him wanting to sing again! PRAISE THE LORD!!! He followed every command and then some! This is such a big progress and miracle from last week. 

The have changed his antibiotics again to try to kill the acinetabactor bug along with the MRSA and the other bug. I have been pleading the blood over all this mess and believing God is gonna destroy this stuff once and for all. I'm sure they will be doing more cultures in another day or so. Keep praying Saints!!

Thanks to my sister Debra Perry-Reed for making time to come and stay with Tracy this weekend. Along with my Mom and Chris. Never thank you enough!!! Love ya!

Dear God,

How awesome You are!! You are the strength in our wings to keep flying!! You have brought us soooo far in the past 7 months and I am forever grateful Lord!!! I am sooo excited about what the future holds, if You tarry Your coming! I just love You and I search all the time for words that will tell You and describe to You how my heart is overflowing with praise for You!!! It's all because of You that we are where we are at! Thank You for another grace filled day! Thank You for giving Tracy supernatural strength that only comes from You! Thank You for extra endurance and fight today for him!! Thank You for that beautiful smile he's had a lot today, the one that I fell in love with over 27 yrs ago!! He still melts my heart!! Thank You for him and JK!!! I am way blessed more than I deserve!!!! God You are good all the time!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!"

Tracy suffered a massive stroke from a vessel hemorrhage on Monday, January 21, 2013 and has been in the hospital and rehab facilities in Nashville,Tn since.  He was in a medically included coma for close to two months and but is awake now and slowly showing more movements and improvements of motor skills. 

As always, lets keep Tracy and the Stuffle family in our prayers. For the latest news on The Perry's you can visit their official website HERE



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