People of The Earth's Debut Release Offers an Original Sound to Worship That 'Gives a Voice to A Generation' [ALBUM INTERVIEW]

Jeannie LawApr 14, 2015 11:52 AM EDT

The band, People of The Earth released their self-titled debut worship album through Vital Worship Tuesday and they are on a quest to impact the world with original ideas coming from a generation of worshipers.

The album features 10 new songs, with nine of them co-written by the band. The songs herald the redemptive nature of Jesus, with each song having a unique story and giving a fresh voice to the church.

People of the Earth's lead singer Dustin explained to BREATHEcast the process and the heart behind the powerful record.

"This album is the culmination of a journey that began two years ago and includes the collective efforts and talents of so many people. We are so excited to release these songs to everyone," he said, "We hope that the album gives voice to a generation of believers who are defined by the gospel and that it expresses the passion we have for proclaiming the life-changing, freedom-bringing, death-defeating power of Jesus' love."

After reviewing People of the Earth it is clear that the honest lyrics along with the sophisticated instrumentation and contemporary sound really bring forth the true heart of worship for today's church.

"The band is expressing new thoughts that they believe the church needs to be hearing and singing, with topics you have never heard before in worship," Dustin maintained.

Dustin and the band members are all worship leaders at their local churches and are honored to be a voice that represents the worship voice of their local congregation.

"We tried really hard to make the album something accessible yet inspiring for the church to sing with us. We believe that when the church sings and lifts praises to God that the beauty of Christ is more clearly seen," he said.

The name People of the Earth come from Psalm 117:1, which states, "Praise the LORD, all you nations. Praise him, all you people of the earth."

The band first made its mark in 2013 when the band recorded a song for the multi-artist compilation project, Praise and Arrows. That led to the Grammy nominated songwriter and producer, Aaron Rice, working with People of the Earth for this new project.

Rice told BREATHEcast that the album was a learning experience for him as a writer and Producer. "I learned so much about personal worship from Dustin. Every song was written for and inspired by our local communities," Rice explained, "Each day we would ask ourselves 'would we lead this at our local church?'. Our goal was never anything more than writing what we thought God wanted us to sing and believe."

"What is unique about People of The Earth is the blend of throwback 'band worship', radio friendly pop tunes and corporate friendly worship songs," the successful writer concluded.

People of The Earth are signed to Vital Worship, which is the re-launched label from Daywind Music Group, and NewDay Christian Distributors is distributing the album.

To purchase your copy of People of The Earth on iTunes click HERE. For more information visit

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