Pastor John Hagee Says 'Four Blood Moons' Will ‘Change The World’ & End the ‘Dispensation of God’s Grace’ [MOVIE INTERVIEW]

Jeannie LawMar 18, 2015 05:21 PM EDT
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San Antonio based Pastor John Hagee is set to release 'Four Blood Moons,' a theatrical one-night event happening March 23, that explores a rare lunar phenomenon that he says correlates with the Jewish people. In an interview with BREATHEcast the Pastor maintained that the celestial activity would trigger something in the Middle East that will affect history and the future.

The film is based off of the best selling book by Pastor Hagee of the same name and was produced by Rick Eldridge. 'Four Blood Moons' was directed by Academy Award winner Kieth Merrill, and written by Eldridge and Merrill.

Hagee admitted that he came to the conclusions for the book and film of the four blood moons by studying the blood moons or "tetrads" of the past. He said this is strongly affirming that God sends us signs of what is to come in the sky.

"The Bible says in Genesis 1:14 Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day and the night and let them be for signs and signals," he explained, "So God said he's using the lights in the heavens, which would be the sun, moon and the stars, for signs and for signals."

Hagee said that the verses of the Bible that really caused him to select the title "blood moon" are found in Joel 2 : 30,31 and Acts 2 : 25 - 28. He also mentioned Luke 21: 25-28 and pointed out that there is "going to be a solar eclipse this Friday."

"It was the star in the east that the Magi followed to the birthplace of Jesus," Hagee continued, "So over and over again God has used the sun, moon and the stars to testify of his Glory and power. God has spoken through the sun, moon, and the stars to comfort us and to warn us of things that are coming."

Audiences of 'Four Blood Moons' will see an exploration of spiritual, celestial and historical events and Hagee says people will undoubtedly leave the theater convinced that something is about to change that could affect us all.

"When people leave this film they are going to be amazed at the absolute control that God has over everything that happens on planet earth," the Cornerstone Church pastor declared, "God is in total control of men, and nations, and kings and armies, he's in control of their life."

"They're going to leave with an absolute hope because God has a divine calendar and there is a set time that God is doing everything and he's allowing us to see what he's doing by watching the Heaven declare the glory of the Lord," he added.

Pastor Hagee is often criticized for his bold stances on Israel, the book of Revelation, and his politics but the well-known Christian leader said his studies on past blood moons assure him that his predictions for the future are immanent.

"The four blood moons focus came when I saw on the Internet that the four blood moons of 1492, 1948 and 1967 had happened only three times in over 500 hundreds years, but in each of these occasions the Jewish people were involved," the Christians United For Israel leader admitted, "In each of the appearances you have a pattern of trail and triumph."

"In 1492 it was the explosion of Spain, the triumph was the discovery of America. In 1948 the trail was the holocaust, the thing that followed was statehood. In 1967 was the 6-day war; the thing that followed was Jerusalem was joined to the state of Israel" he expounded, "Now we have 2014 and 15 when this is over, I believe that something is going to happen in the middle east that will change the course of the world and history of the future."

When asked if Christians too were included in this analysis Hagee pointed back to the Jewish people. "The Jewish people and Israel has always been God's time clock. Genesis 12:3 I will bless those that bless you (speaking of Jewish people) and I will curse those who curse you. So you can analyze world history in one simple statement that the nations that have blessed Israel have been prospered of God and the nations that have persecuted Israel have been destroyed by the hands of God and that pattern is going to continue," he responded, adding, "If Iran torments Israel the hand of God will destroy that nation."

The study of the stars is often linked with divination and Astrology which are both greatly condemned by the Bible, but Pastor Hagee says his findings have nothing to do with that.

"People need to understand the difference between astrology and astronomy. Astrology is a false science, astrology leads to the worship of the stars. Astronomy is an exact science, it's the study of the stars," he clarified, "Sailors had been crossing the oceans for centuries following the stars and the tools that they had in their hands leading to distant contents. So astronomy and the study of the stars has been going on for centuries. Astrology on the other hand is a false science that really leads to no benefit."

When questioned if the final blood moons of 2015 will be a sign of the "end of days" Hagee concludes that it is a sign of the end of freely being under God's grace, hinting to great tribulation in the near future.

"I believe it is a sequence of events that's going to lead to what's going to happen next. When people say the end, there is no end of the world because at the end of the millennial reign the earth is going to be renovated by fire, be recreated like the Garden of Eden and the world is going to exist forever," he said, "I believe that we are coming to the end of the dispensation of grace and God is getting ready to bring that to a conclusion and I believe that is what we are seeing."

'Four Blood Moons,' will be in theaters for one-night on March 23, for theater showings and more information visit

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