Pastor Brian Houston praises Chris Pratt for 'bold faith in Jesus' amid attacks on church

Leah MarieAnn KlettFeb 16, 2019 05:05 PM EST

Pastor Brian Houston praised actor Chris Pratt for his "bold faith in Jesus" as he endured public attacks from actress Ellen Page for going to church. 

The Sidney Australia-based Hillsong megachurch, which is attended by a number of celebrities including Justin Bieber, Kevin Durant and Selena Gomez, found itself at the center of a media firestorm after Page publicly accused Pratt's church of being "infamously anti LGBTQ."

After Pratt responded and explained that his personal values represent him, not his church affiliation, a number of outlets -  including Variety, CNN, and NBC  - reported that the church in question was none other than Hillsong, which has several campuses across the U.S.

But in a series of tweets on Thursday, Houston, who with his wife, Bobbie, founded the megachurch in 1983, attempted to correct and clarify the mainstream media's false reports.

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