Passion Launches New Album 'Salvation's Tide Is Rising,' Now Available On iTunes

Jon MendozaJan 02, 2016 11:53 PM EST
Twitter/@christomlinPassion City Church soars high with its new album “Salvation’s Tide Is Rising” as 2016 starts off.

Passion City Church soars high with its new album "Salvation's Tide Is Rising" as 2016 starts off.

Passion has released its brand new studio album "Salvation's Tide Is Rising," which is now available for download on iTunes, according to The Christian Beat. The release of the aforementioned album is one of the year's highlights, in addition to the church's forthcoming 2016 Conferences and OUTRY Tour in spring.

Pastor Louie Giglio discussed about the uniqueness of "Salvation's Tide Is Rising" to its predecessors. In his interview on the latest Passion Podcast, Giglio said that normally Passion, they always got to such arenas and filled them up with people. He added that they recorded all of those and they made a record.

According to Giglio, it still took two or three months to get the record done, completed, blended, mastered, and uploaded to iTunes. He also revealed that it was March or April before they were celebrating all the new songs people had heard at a Passion event in January.

For Giglio, this year was a little different of a playbook and he loved it, as they had already recorded a Passion album.

"Salvation's Tide Is Rising" includes ten tracks, including "Salvation's Tide," "My Victory," "Remember," "God and God Alone," "Simple Pursuit," "I Turn To Christ," "Your Grace Amazes Me," "All We Sinners," "Surrender," and "Good Good Father."

Following their initial release in 1998, Passion albums have made ore than 1.4 million sold units as they introduce church and worship songs, such as "Our God," "God Of This City," "Holy Is The Lord," and "How Great Is Our God."

Overall, the Passion Movement and Giglio's messages call people from across the globe to live for the glory of God. 

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