P.O.D. Reveal New Single 'This Goes Out to You' with Album Title 'The Awakening'; Band to Feature Limp Bizkit on Record?

Justin SarachikMay 22, 2015 12:28 PM EDT
Facebook: P.O.D.

Christian rock/reggae/rap band P.O.D. debuted a new song from their upcoming album The Awakening on a Russian website yesterday. The track called "This Goes Out to You" can be heard here.

The band also showed off a picture of a possible Limp Bizkit collaboration with their frontman Fred Durst. (Cover photo).

"Are you guys ready for a new P.O.D. album or what??" wrote frontman Sonny on the band's Facebook page.

(Photo : Facebook: P.O.D.)

They also posted another picture earlier in the week, "Wuv tracking drums for this new album!"

(Photo : Facebook: P.OD. )

Sonny shared a new album was coming a few months ago while being interviewed after their stay on the ShipRocked Tour. He said they would be going directly to L.A. to begin recording with producer Howard Benson. "Hopefully we can get it done in four to six weeks, and then we are shooting for a summertime release," Sandoval said in an interview with All Access Live.

The band recently released their acoustic SoCal Sessions which was just new renditions of old songs. It was their first album of any kind since 2012's Murdered Love, and saw an international release on November 24.

P.O.D. raised the money for this album through PledgeMusic.

"We originally got the idea after doing a number of radio shows and radio stations asking us to perform acoustic. We were a bit hesitant at first, but after great fan reaction, we wanted to do a whole acoustic album. We've been hard at work in the studio and have already finished over half of the album. We've been having a lot of fun with it and it's got a really raw, stripped down feel to it," they wrote on their PledgeMusic site.

P.O.D. played an album release show on November 18 at The Merrow in San Diego.

Often hard to classify, P.O.D. (Payable on Death), are a unique mix of nu-metal, rap-metal, reggae, hip-hop, punk, and hardcore. The band formed in 1992, and became very popular in underground rock circuits. It wasn't until 1999's Fundamental Elements of Southtown record that the band began picking up steam with "Rock the Party" and "Southtown," and eventually released their ground breaking album Satellite in 2001.

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