P.O.D. "Beautiful" New Music Video & Available on iTunes, Watch Here (VIDEO)

Matt LloydJun 19, 2013 10:07 AM EDT

P.O.D. the Christian hard rock band has released their latest video with their single, "Beautiful" from their album Murdered Love

"Beautiful" is a more melodic sound then normal, but it is a very catchy song and has great, uplifting lyrics. 

P.O.D. has had success with softer songs in the past with their hit song "Youth of a Nation" that you still hear on the radio today. Even that song, with the positive message had a little bit of a darker tone and a heaver drum beat. 

"Beautiful" is just a straight up, good vibe song lyrically and musically all the way through and shows that P.O.D. can still write a good pop song through all of their heavy riffs. 

"Beautiful" is off their album Murdered Love which was released on July 10, 2012 on Razor and Tie Records. 

P.O.D. is a hard rock band from California has had a strong career with such hits as "Alive","Southtown", "Youth of a Nation", "Boom" and more. 

P.O.D. has been on tour with Shinedown this year and will be headlining a upcoming tour with special guests Flyleaf and Manafest. 

Check out the latest on the band that their website HERE

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