Overwatch Latest News, Update: Christmas Event And Mode Coming To The Title Soon

Vianne BurogNov 27, 2016 11:15 AM EST
BLIZZARD/ OverwatchThe "Overwatch" holiday event is confirmed, although fans may be frustrated by the lack of details from the Christmas invitation card sent by the studio.

Blizzard introduced recently a new "Overwatch" character named Sombra. While that was a surprise enough for fans, it looks like the studio is not yet done with its surprises.

Recent reports suggest that a Christmas event and a new mode are coming to the game. Reddit user Venxa recently revealed that some Easter eggs could be found in the sound files of the game, which could be an indication that a Christmas event is coming to the title soon. These files reportedly include a couple of clips for new hero interactions. Venxa also said that a jingle or a song pertaining to the season was included in the files, too.

Another Reddit user also said that the jingle could be an indication that a holiday-themed event is coming to "Overwatch." There are speculations that the studio will introduce the same gig they did during the Halloween season, only that this time, it will be Christmas-themed. Fans of the game speculate that the game will introduce to players items that are especially designed for the Christmas season.

Aside from the rumored holiday-themed event, a new mode is also said to come as a surprise for players soon. This mode is called the Arena mode, and this includes the likes of "Now entering the arena" and the "Gladiator." Since another sound clip was also recently found in the game's sound files, some believe that the clip might actually be the arena's loading music.

Blizzard is also set to introduce a new brand feature intended for solo players, the "Stay with Group." This appears at the post-game screen and automatically groups players for a match when clicked.  

Fans will know in the coming weeks if their speculations about the new event and mode are indeed coming to the title.



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