The Office: Season 9 Finale, 3 Episodes Left, Expect a Wedding, Old Cast Coming Back (NBC)

Brianna BromleyMay 01, 2013 11:45 AM EDT

NBC's "The Office" is counting down the final 3 episodes to the season and show finale of the TV s comedy series that everyone fell in love with. 

The tv series is based in Pennsylvania at a paper company, "Dunder Miffilin" and is a documentary style shot series of the companies employees.  By featuring popular actors and actresses as Steve Carrell (Michael Scott), Rainn Wilson (Dwight), Jenna Fischer (Pam), John Krasinski (Jim) and more, the series has had incredible ratings since the beginning seasons.

Season 1 of "The Office" got a lot of critical reviews, yet after season 2 fans and viewers alike began to understand the humor behind the episodes. The show grew to over a 9 million viewer rating, up from 5.4 million views in the first season. After the second season, ratings continued to stay strong and end up helping the popular comedy receive many awards including 40 Primetime Emmy nominations, winning three of them, as well as, being named the Best TV series by the American Film Institute. 

Considering May 16 marks the final chapter for the series,  the TV program has been slowly leading up to its hour long finale. Season nine of the comedy premiered on September 20th of last year and has seen a drop in ratings since the premiere. All fans of the show knew that when Steve Carrell (Michael Scott) left, the show would not be the same and fans were ready for a conclusion to the show. 

This being the last 25 episodes the cast members begin to reminisce on the last ten years of working together at "Dunder Miffilin".

The finale will consist of an hour long episode of past and present cast members attending a wedding and performing their finale interviews.

During these last three episodes, fans can be ready for pranks, curiosities at their best and ten year grudges coming to an end.

In an interview with E! Online, Ellie Kemper spoke, "While I can not reveal much, the series ender is nothing short of 'epic'. Were talking tons of locations and lots of big moments. It will be a rollercoaster, that's is for sure". 

"A remarkable amount of closure is the name of the game in "The Office" series-ending installment. Expect to see cast members speaking about the aftermath of the documentary and what it did to their world and how it is effecting them now", Greg Daniels, show runner stated to TVLIVE. 

The last three episodes start tomorrow night May 2nd and will all lead to final ending.

Watch "The Office" is on NBC on Thursday nights at 9 P.M. EST.

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