North Dakota Abortion Ban at 6-Weeks Blocked, New Law was Supposed to Go Into Effect August 1st / Estimated 90% of Abortions at One Clinic Are After 6 Weeks

Matt LloydJul 23, 2013 07:45 PM EDT



New North Dakota Abortion Ban Law Blocked


It has been reported that earlier in the week a federal judge issued a temporary block on a North Dakota law banning abortion at 6 weeks of pregnancy.

This new law signed by Governor Jack Dalrymple on March 26th was to go in to effect on August 1st in North Dakota. U.S. District Judge, Daniel Hovland, wrote that he felt this "new law is clearly invalid and unconstitutional."

This new law specifies banning abortion at the 6-week period, because it is believed that the baby's heartbeat can be heard at this point in it's development.

This new bill introduced by Governor Dalrymple also addresses the issue of Downs Syndrome.

Included in the new bill is the banning of abortions due to birth defects--such as Down's syndrome. This new bill is the strongest pro-life legislation put forth in North Dakota. The new bill also requires that those persons performing abortions at North Dakota's only abortion facility be licensed physicians, and must have guaranteed admitting privilege to a local hospital.

A New York-based reproductive rights center, which works closely with the Red River Women's Clinic in Fargo, North Dakota, is the agency that filed suit with the District court to block the new bill from beginning in August. It is believed that if the new bill is allowed to go into effect banning abortions at the 6-week period, more than 90% of the abortions carried out at the Red River Women's Clinic will be stopped. The blocking of this abortion ban will carry major implications for parties on both sides of the issue.

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has issued a statement that he will appeal Judge Hovland's ruling which blocks the new bill from becoming law, and take this case to the North Dakota Supreme Court.

The outcome of this case in North Dakota could have major implications for other state legislature's introducing bills to ban abortions [at the 6-week developmental stage] all over the country.



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