'No Man's Sky' News: Will Update Be Affected After The Head Designer Quit?

Joe BacaronNov 29, 2016 10:58 AM EST
YouTubeView of the so called "infinite world" in the upcoming game 'No Man's Sky'

The head designer of Hello Games, Gareth Bourn, reportedly quit following the disappointing reception of "No Man's Sky." To make matters worse, he left for rival Foundry42 to work on "Star Citizen."

According to the report, the decision of Bourn to leave only proved that the ship is indeed sinking at Hello Games. There were rumblings before about animators and coders leaving the company, and this one is the biggest fish with an actual name.

Right after its launch, the "No Man's Sky" dominated the news but for a much different reason. The game just couldn't deliver following what could be the biggest hype for a game on record. Then its troubles were compounded when fans actually demanded a refund.

Of course there's this news that players who played "No Man's Sky" for more than two hours won't get a refund on Steam. "The standard Steam refund policy applies to No Man's Sky. There are no special exemptions available," the Steam statement said on the game page.

If there's any good news to be taken from this fiasco is that "No Man's Sky" became the reason why The Game Awards is changing the way it evaluates the titles.

"I have thought about the story of No Man's Sky a lot," awards show host Geoff Keighley. said. "Did we create this black hole of hype that the developers couldn't pull themselves out of? Some of that was authored by me."

"There is a good moral of that story and it's part of what I'm trying to address this year; to have developers be more transparent about the state of their game,"

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