Nick Jonas Shedding Christian Image? New 'Racy' Video for 'Chains' Set to Rid 'Squeaky-Clean' Image (VIDEO)

Jeannie LawJul 24, 2014 12:40 PM EDT

Page Six, reported that the youngest member of the popular group The Jonas Brothers, is gearing up to release a "racy" new music video for his solo song "Chains" in which he denounces his years being "trapped" in the pure character of Nick Jonas.

A source told the entertainment section of the New York Post that Jonas "has emancipated himself from the squeaky-clean shackles of former purity ring-wearing boy band The Jonas Brothers."

Adding that his song, " 'Chains' is a metaphor for what he has been feeling all these years."

"Nick has spent years experiencing a burden that's hard to explain," the unnamed source told Page Six, "He feels free now for the first time in his life. He's making music he believes in. He's done saying sorry for everything and trying to be perfect. He's just going to be himself. If people like him, great. If not, he's done giving a [expletive]."

The news comes as a shock to some of Jonas' loyal Christian fans because the brothers were very vocal about their faith. The youngest Jonas himself got his start as a solo Christian artist signed to INO Records, but later lost that deal.

Jonas' first single, at 12-years-old, "Dear God" was performed at churches and venues everywhere as he sung the heartfelt lyrics, "Dear God, people take your words and try to twist 'em round/I know you can't be happy with what's goin' down."

Listen to "Dear God" below:

The Jonas Brothers were raised in a Christian home as their father served as a worship leader and pastor. View the videos below to see the brothers openly speak on their Christian faith, and a performance for Pastor Rick Warrens Easter celebration for Saddleback Church.

The Jonas Brothers skyrocketed into success once they signed with Hollywood records and appeared on a 'Hannah Montana' episode with Miley Cyrus. They were also stars in the Disney film 'Camp Rock' featuring Demi Lovato.

The boy band popularly wore purity rings in the height of all their success symbolizing that they would wait until marriage to have sex. They eventually lost the rings and one of the brothers told the Christian Post, waiting was not what the band was about any more.

Jonas also spoke about his support for homosexual couples in 2012 during an interview with The Advocate.

"[W]e love our gay fans," he said, "My upbringing was faith-based, but we believed you should love all others as you want to be loved, because everyone should be treated equally. ... At the end of the day, we're all the same, because we all want to be loved."

Jonas is currently appearing in DirecTV's martial arts drama 'Navy Street.' Christian fans remember Nick Jonas in their prayers as he embarks on his solo career, hopefully keeping his faith close to his heart.

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