Newsboys' Hit Song 'God's Not Dead' Becomes Movie; Scheduled to Premiere in 2014 (Movie Trailer‬ Video)

Jeannie LawDec 25, 2013 10:37 AM EST

The Newsboys' hit song God's Not Dead will be made into an upcoming dramatic film based on the song of the same name, and the book of the same name by Rice Broocks. This cinematic picture will be directed by Harold Cronk, and stars the actors Kevin Sorbo (best known for his role in Hercules), Shane Harper, David A.R. White, and Dean Cain. The film is also scheduled to be released in theaters in the United States in spring 2014 by Pure Flix Entertainment.

God's Not Dead was the 15th studio album released by the Christian band Newsboys. The album sold 276,000 copies in the United States and their titled track "God's Not Dead" hit number #1 on the Christian billboard charts.

Rice Broocks, co-founder of the Every Nation family of churches, authored the book "God's Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty" (Thomas Nelson, March 2013). In the book, Broocks offers a clear overview of the evidence for God as well as the credibility of the Christian faith, while responding directly to common claims by skeptics, according to his website,

The movie "God's Not Dead" is about a freshman college student named Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), who enrolls in a philosophy class taught by a notorious and domineering professor. Prof. Radisson (Kevin Sorbo) demands that all of his students sign a declaration that "God is dead" in order to get a passing grade in his class. Wheaton refuses and defends his belief in God.

The conflict is that he needs to take the class to meet his academic requirements. Professor Radisson strikes a bargain with Wheaton; he must defend his position that "God is Alive" in a succession of debates with him in order to stay in the class. If he loses, he flunks. When Josh accepts the challenge, he gets more than he bargained for, jeopardizing his faith, his relationships and even his future.

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