Newsboys God’s Not Dead! Spring 2013 Tour featuring Building 429

James Eliazer Feb 12, 2013 01:14 PM EST

Building 429 is the talented pop/rock outfit that topped the charts with "Glory Defined" and proceeded to build one of the Christian Music community's impact Ministries.

Featuring Jason Roy as lead vocals, Michael Anderson in drums, Jesse Garcia in Guitar, and Aaron Branch on bass, the group is dedicated as ever to sharing God's truth. The members of Building 429 are excited about this new season in the band's ministry.

"This is where God has put them right now and but it really is about just 'one foot in front of the other," Jason says with a smile, citing the up-tempo anthem "One Foot." "We just have to focus on this moment. It's time for us to value every second that we have and use it all for the glory of God." 

In 2013 Building 429 is prepping for a tour with the Newsboys (God's not dead tour) and their upcoming new album "We won't be Shaken."

Building 429 will be on the road for 5 weeks straight.

You can learn more about Building 429 at


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