Netflix 4K Streaming Latest News: Bingewatch on ‘Gilmore Girls’ But Upgrade Your PC First

Joe BacaronDec 01, 2016 10:55 AM EST
NETFLIX/ Gilmore Girls Revival

How would you like to bingewatch "Gillmore Girls" in Netflix 4K streaming glory? Well, you have to check the specs of your computer first.

Mollie Ruiz-Hopper, Windows Blog EIC, wrote that Netflix is releasing the "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" in ultra-high resolution but it's going to be exclusive for Windows 10.

"When streaming Netflix on Microsoft Edge you can get through at least one more full episode of Gilmore Girls than when streaming on Chrome on battery," she added. "And you know one episode can be the difference between Chris and Lorelai casually dating and being a married couple."

"To run Netflix in 4K on a PC device, it must have a 4K-capable screen and use a 7th Gen Intel® CoreTM Processor," she added.

Napier Lopez of The Next Web said this Netflix 4K streaming news is unfortunate considering the many limitations for watching shows on ultra HD. First, Mac owners will definitely be left out by the exclusivity to Windows 10.

Second, new monitors with 1440p resolutions or above would have benefited from this news. Third, the Surface Studio-even with its very high 4500x3000 resolution-won't be able to play Netflix 4K streaming shows because it doesn't feature the Kaby Lake processor.

He said that 4K videos already exists on YouTube and all people, even without the Kaby Lake processor or the Windows 10 OS, can play them on their laptop or desktop without any problem.

But then again the Netflix 4K streaming news can be best explained through the security aspect since the Kaby Lake has an internal fail-safe mode to prevent piracy of 4K video.

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