"Nashville" Season 2 : Behind the Music. Kacey Musgraves. The Black Keys. The Civil Wars produce "Nashville" songs. Episode 3 Trailer and Sneak Peek.

Brianna BromleyOct 04, 2013 05:04 PM EDT

ABC's hot television show "Nashville" has gone underway with its second season and is known for its talented cast. The show features Hayden Panettiere , Connie Britton, and much more talented artists who have the singing voices of angels. But who actually writes the songs that are featured on the TV series? The Black Keys, The Civil Wars,  Elvis Costello, and Kacey Musgraves are all artists who have contributed to the beautiful music we hear during the show, Such songs as "If I Didnt Know Better" was originally written by Scarlett and Gunner on the show, but John Paul White from The Civil Wars actually produced the song. "Twist of Barbwire", which is sang by Avery Barkely is actually a unreleased Elvis Costello song. 

Newcomers, and Nashville's very own up and coming artists, are all getting a crack at having their work on the television series. Sarah Zimmerman and Justin davis are two college students that actually got their start in the real Nashville and produced the song "When the Right One Comes Along". The two young adults were paired up during class for a writing assignment in College that led them together through publishing a song. And last but not least, Kacey Musgraves, the new 'it' girl of Country music, wrote "Undermine" with Trent Dabbs, that is sung by Hayden and Esten in the show. The entire cast of "Nashville" all deserve an overabundance of applause with the acting and singing that is provided, yet the ones who make the music for them deserve some as well. So props to you Kacey Musgraves, Elvis Costello, Black Keys and The Civil Wars.

Episode 3 of "Nashville" starts next Wednesday with an incredible new artist beginning to take over the stage, and Rayna may be quitting Country music for good. Episode Sneak Peek Below!

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