Microsoft October Event 2016 News: Surface Laptop and Phone Will Not Make Appearance?

Joe BacaronOct 14, 2016 10:29 PM EDT
MICROSOFT/ Surface PhoneIf the rumors hold true, don't expect a Microsoft Surface phone release date this year. As to the price and specs, we will only be limited to what's being passed around as the Redmond-based company has not confirmed any of the reports concerning its latest flagship.

The buzz about the Microsoft October event continues to grow with the anticipated unveiling of the new Surface laptop and phone. The date and schedule of the occasion would still be on the 26th in New York.

Rumors alleged that a Surface laptop and Surface phone, without any particulars, would be in the spotlight during the Microsoft October event along with some announcements.

But according to iTechPost, the Surface laptop and phone won't likely make an appearance on the Microsoft October event. Its basis was the announcement issued by the company earlier about 2016 not being the time for smart phones.

That means, at the latest, the Surface phone would be launched in 2017 just because of the Windows 10 Redstone 2 update as well as Intel's Kaby Lake processors, which already started shipping to manufacturers. The Surface Pro 5 may not make an appearance at least until the spring of next year.

PCAdvisor, meanwhile, said that the Surface laptop might make an appearance during the Microsoft October event. It said there are so many clues that point to the New York date and schedule for a Surface product. There's just no telling whether or not it's going to be an upgraded Surface 4 or Surface All-in-One.

Right now, however, all we have to do is wait for the Microsoft October event to confirm all the rumors regarding the Surface laptop and phone. So red mark on your calendar the date and schedule and watch the stream if you can't be there at the venue.

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