Michael W. Smith Honors Military, Remembers Columbine Victim & Leads Hundreds into Worship During 'Sovereign' Tour in NY [EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS]

Jeannie LawMar 27, 2015 04:35 PM EDT
Jonathan Weingarten Photography [PERMISSION]

BREATHEcast was in attendance Thursday night as the Michael W. Smith 'Sovereign Tour' hit Long Island, New York. The popular artist led hundreds into worship and shared emotional stories about his lengthy career.

Smith hit the NYCB Theatre at Westbury this week and invited local artists Jeannie Ortega and The Paul Paoli Band to be musical guests as he brought along his opening act Nathan Tasker. Although the venue was not completely sold out, hundreds were in attendance on the rainy New York evening. The crowd attentively listened to all of the evening's performers as they waited for Smith's performance.

As in most Christian concerts, Tasker encouraged concertgoers to join with Compassion to help financially support children overseas. Smith himself supported the charitable ministry and offered his CD Freedom for everyone who sponsored a child that evening.

Smith opened the night with some of his newer songs. The seasoned professional performed his music his youthful energy shined through. As the night went on Smith talked about how grateful he was to have accomplished so much.

He told concertgoers that he just wrapped up filming for the movie '90 Minutes in Heaven.' Smith also opened up about what motivated him to begin producing musical scores. He said it was his adoration for the film 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' He admitted that he saw the film so many times and was "inspired" by the musical score of the film, made by John Williams.

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The West Virginia native then played one of his instrumental pieces 'Patriot,' from the Glory record, as a dedication to all the veterans in attendance. "I'd like to give honor where honor is due," he said right before playing the moving number.

BC LIVE - Michael W. Smith 'Patriot'.mov

Smith has a catalogue that consists of hundreds of songs and as the night progressed he played bits and pieces of many of his well-known tunes and mixed in his newer ones as well. Smith shared a story that really stood out to BC about the time he and his good friend Amy Grant were at a memorial event remembering those lost after the horrific shooting of Columbine High School.

He shared a story he heard of one of the victims. He explained that when the shooter asked his victim, a girl named Cassie Bernall, "'do you believe in God'" and she replied yes, he then pulled the trigger. As the audience somberly listened Smith went on to say, "She's my hero and I can't wait to meet her on the other side." He then sung his song "This is Your Dream," in which he dedicated to the girl.

Smith ended the evening by performing his popular worship songs such as "Mighty to Save" and "Draw me Close to You," just to name a few. The worship really made the night unforgettable, as hundreds in New York joined the pioneer in worship and charged the atmosphere.

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