Meredith Andrews To Release Fourth Album 'Deeper,' Available For Pre-Sale On February 19

Jon MendozaJan 25, 2016 09:35 AM EST
Twitter/@MereMusicWord Worship artist Meredith Andrews is set to release a new album and it is entitled “Deeper.”

Word Worship artist Meredith Andrews is set to release a new album and it is entitled "Deeper."

Andrews' "Deeper" is now available for pre-sale, according to The Christian Beat. The publication added that every advance order of "Deeper" via Amazon or iTunes will be joined with two instant grat songs, which are entitled "I Look to the King" and "Soar." According to the report, the songs are now accessible on Spotify and on other media streaming services.

Andrews also shared with Christian Post her thoughts on her upcoming album. In her interview with the publication, she said that she had felt that God had been taking her through a refining season, almost through a crushing process like grapes being crushed to make wine.

The singer also said that she was in a process of God taking a person through the fire to remove the things in her heart that did not reflect who He was. For Andrews, God was intentional in the things He allowed into people's lives and the way that He allowed hard things, as He wanted us to press into Him and find Him to be everything that people needed.

"Deeper" serves as the third grat song available before the album's official release to the market. It fact, the album is also featured in the present issue of CBA Retailers + resources. In addition, Andrews is also set to be seen in the forthcoming issues of "Charisma" and "CCM Magazine."

Andrews' "Deeper" will be available for pre-sale on Feb. 19.

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