Matt Price “We Won’t Waver” EP Review

Timothy YapSep 20, 2013 12:02 AM EDT

"We Won't Waver" certainly is tagged with a rewarding prize for those who are willing to invest their time to listen to it.  Price sings like Elijah of the New Millennium; his unflinching trust in God is nonpareil.  Just as the ancient Hebrew prophet held with steadfastness perseverance onto God despite the famine and the incessant taunts of the pagan prophets, Price also sings with the same abandonment towards God.  Vocally Price charges out with a passionate tenor that animates with verve and realism.  When he sings about trusting God in tough times, he is by no means wimpy or indeterminate.  Rather, Price is the humdinger of a Godly singer; he brings with him a Christ-like confidence and a masculine assertiveness that is worthy of our emulation.  And when he gets tender when the momentum slows down, you can feel his heart percolating just underneath the notes.  Though in his blog Price cites Michael W. Smith and Billy Joel as his inspirations, his music is a far removed from the Adult Contemporary balladry flair of his heroes.  Rather, these seven cuts are more akin to the pop/rock sounds of Newsboys, Everfound and Building 429. 

With the thunderous affirmation of blazing electric guitar and the crisp joshing drum sounds, Price lays down the blueprint of this EP with opener "The One We Want Tonight."  Wasting no rhetoric on the trivial, this taunt and to-the-point 2:53 minute worship burner gives articulation to Price's desire for God and Him alone.  But never for a moment does Price assume that such a decision is always easy.  "When the Sky Falls" is a reality check that in a world of sufferings and chaos, choosing to trust God takes faith, courage and tenacity.  This is further enforced by the title cut "We Won't Waver," albeit being a slower paced beat ballad.  Calling to mind 1 Kings 18 where Elijah would not waver in his trust in Yahweh over Baal, "We Won't Waver" captures that momentous decision of absolute trust that is the apex of this EP.  If there is any song that resembles the aforementioned Michael W. Smith's worship balladry, it's the piano-underpinning "Heaven and Earth."

"Let Your Life Flow" has everything working in the right direction as far as radio hits go.  The electronic tinged vibe, the "woo-oah" sing-along hook and the catchy danceable melody all are trademarks of a hit to be.  "God Who Saves" has a more traditional worship presentiment calling to mind Hillsong's worship anthems that start off slow before exploding into a rowdy chorus.  Matt Price is certainly a new name to watch:  his knack for penning songs that are fearless and God-besotted will certainly serve God's church well.  If you are wavering in your faith because of uncertainties or hurts or guilt, do yourself a favor and let God do His work in your heart through this newly released EP.



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