Matt Maher's ‘Saint and Sinners’ Successfully Takes Listener on an Honest Heart-Felt Journey of Faith [ALBUM REVIEW]

Jeannie LawMar 16, 2015 12:00 PM EDT

Popular contemporary artist Matt Maher is gearing up to release his new album Saints and Sinners on St. Patrick's Day. In a full album review of the record, BREATHEcast details the album's infectious heart, see below:

The album kicks off with the reflective tune "A Future Not My Own." The track is musically rich and lyrically inspiring. A BREATHEcast favorite "Deliverer" follows, with its pop/orchestral feel and catchy chorus.

"Glory Bound's" haunting hook - rock guitars and country feel introduces Maher's contemporary southern crossover. The song's lyrics are inviting both saints and sinners to jump on the train of glory because of God's forgiveness.

His single "Because He Lives (AMEN)" along with "Land of my Father" are the traditional worship anthems of the record.

The album slows down with the song "Everything is Grace." A powerful song declaring that time after time God's grace rescues his people. The song "Sons and Daughters" kicks off with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King and promotes the message of unity amongst all of God's children.

The cut "Firelight" teleports the listener into the heart of Nashville with its edgy musical vibe, and Maher successfully makes the words of the song ring out compelling the listener to sing along.

"Instrument" is certainly a BREATHEcast favorite. The sobering lyrics and how the talented musician delivers the words are truly the heart of worship, encouraging the listeners to avail themselves to God.

"Abide With Me" is another worshipful ballad in which Maher cries out to the Spirit of God to be in him. "Rest" is an acoustic song featuring Maher and some friends just jamming out and singing and proclaiming that Jesus restores and gives rest.

Overall it's evident that Maher really put his heart and soul into the making of the entire record. He managed to translate his heart-song toward God and stay musically relevant and rich. Both Saints and Sinners alike will identify with the sincerity of this honest tapestry of work. BREATHEcast highly recommends the album. Be sure to get you copy on iTunes HERE.

Watch our interview with Maher below and for more information on Maher visit

Matt Maher | BC PULSE - Performs Live at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC | (HD)

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