Madonna Leads This Year's Grammy 'Satanic Ritual'? Singer Accused of Pushing Illuminati Agenda [VIDEO]

Jeannie LawFeb 10, 2015 11:44 AM EST
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Keeping in similar fashion to Grammy performances in the past, Madonna's 2015 Grammy performance is being pegged as another on-camera "satanic ritual" by Illuminati conspiracy theorists.

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and, Nicki Minaj are among the others in the past that have been accused of performing satanic rituals on the Grammy stage. Popular conspiracy theorist Mark Dice said in a video he uploaded that as Madonna performed her song "Living for Love" her dancers were deliberately wearing baphomet masks representing the "Illuminati androgynous idol."

Madonna is also being accused by Vigilant Citizen of highlighting the dualistic spiritual philosophy of the Illuminati at the Grammy's by bringing the satanic aspect of it. Beyoncé allegedly was in charge of bringing the light side of things by dressing in all white and singing a gospel song.

The Illuminati has become quite a gimmick in mainstream media but according to well studied conspiracy theorists, the group is a satanic group carrying on the doctrine of Lucifer who they worship as the light bearer. Visit Vigilant Citizen HERE for more information on the origins of the Illuminati.

The 2015 Grammy's were also criticized for having the band ACDC open the show with their song "Highway to Hell." Everyone in the audience was given glowing red "devil horns" during the performance and was asked to put them on.

Whether or not the Grammy's really has an agenda to spread a satanic message is unclear but Madonna has addressed her affiliation to the Illuminati. The iconic singer released a song in December titled "Illuminati" in which she names all of her celebrity peers that have been linked to the elite group.

She explained that those people are not in the Illuminati but instead the "All Seeing Eye is truth and light." Truth and Light are both words associated to Jesus in the Bible and in the context of the song; really do not make sense unless the singer is in fact trying to push the Illuminati doctrine on her listeners.

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In a recent Facebook post along with a picture displaying just one of her eyes, Madonna tells people she is grateful that they call her a member of the Illuminati. "Thank you for the compliment! ‪#‎knowledgeispower #rebelheart ‪#‎illuminati," she wrote.

Do you think Madonna is misleading people with her music and Grammy performance or is it all in fact just sensationalized conspiracy theories? Leave your comments below.

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