'Mad Max Fury Road' Prequel News & Update: Follow-Up To 'Mad Max' Film Reportedly In The Works; To Tackle Furiosa's Backstory

Vianne BurogSep 25, 2016 11:06 AM EDT

Unconfirmed reports recently claimed that a follow-up to "Mad Max: Fury Road" is in the works, and it is going to tackle Furiosa's backstory.

Australian news outlet Herald Sun reported that the untitled prequel will be filmed in New South Wales, particularly in Broken Hill. The report also claimed that the script of the new film will focus on the backstory of Oscar winner Charlize Theron's Furiosa, and that shooting may start as soon as late 2016.

The film was a big hit in the box office in 2015, walking away with six awards at the Oscars and earning $378 million worldwide. The enormous success of the film has reportedly inspired George Miller to create more "Mad Max" films.

Miller previously revealed he had two "Mad Max" stories in him, and even years before the "Fury Road" was released, he spoke about a Furiosa-led film. According to reports, the new film will be titled "Mad Max: Furiosa." Recently, however, Miller said that the title for the next sequel would be "Mad Max: The Wasteland." Fans of the film have yet to know if the two could be the same movie.

In January, Miller said he was eager to explore Charlize Theron's character further, but was keen on tackling a smaller-scale project before working on the new "Mad Max" project.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that if the Furiosa-led film is in development, the new film will not see the return of Tom Hardy. The actor and Theron reportedly did not get along in the first film.

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